Weather the winter storms: stock up on beer kits and sandbags

Stock up on all of your winter needs before winter really hits. I’m talking about the things you always wish you had when you’re snowed in: soda stream machines and accessories, canning supplies, bungee cords…. maybe even a homebrew kit and some sandbags. Stop by the community table this Saturday to peruse some of the offerings on hand from our friends at Old School Hardware.

Mr. Beer kits are a great way to introduce yourself — or, with the holidays coming up, perhaps a friend or family member — to the world of homebrewing. Each kit comes with everything you need to brew and bottle 2 gallons of beer. If the brew bug bites you, Old School Hardware carries a selection of refills for many different styles of beer.

Quick Dam sandless sandbags are perfect for preventing flooding. Sold in packs of 6, the bags store easily until ready to use. The water-absorbent gel will expand and create a watertight barrier that weighs 6 pounds less than comparably sized sandbags. They are environmentally safe and can be reused for up to 6 months.