Spriggs Delight Farm Goat Cheese

Spring Delight FarmSpriggs Delight Farm is a small farm on the Maryland side of the Potomac River where the land widens to form a lovely little valley of meadows and pastures filled with grasses, clover, goats, great white protective dogs, and eighteenth century limestone buildings. These restored historic buildings all face south and disguise a state-of-the-art secret – a small cheese factory where our fine artisan goat cheeses are made. There is a tiny retail store, as well.

Great pride is taken in making all of our cheeses – we want them to always be the best tasting, highest quality you can buy – all natural, with no preservatives.

Our goats are happy goats – raised in this wide-open, peaceful, picturesque valley.

We maintain a small operation so we can closely control every aspect of the business, from raising the babies, to the award-winning cheese products.

Ours is truly a labor of love. We extend the invitation to come out and enjoy a true taste of farm life!

Contact Information: Joyce Powers
E-mail: jlopy1@yahoo.com
Telephone: (301) 432-5355
(240) 329-2161
Address: 6836 Tommytown Road Sharpsburg, MD 21782
Website: www.spriggsdelightfarm.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Spriggs-Delight-Farm-Goat-Cheese/155904814426999

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