Chesley Vegetable Farms

Chesley FarmsChesley FarmsIn the summer of 1998, one week after they married, Mary and Matt Harsh loaded a truck bound for their first farmers market in Northern Virginia. They were young, optimistic and had no idea what they had started. Fast forward 14 years, the still (relatively) young and optimistic couple embarks on another season of farmers markets in the DC metro area, and those include right here at the CHFestivus!

In those 14 years some things have changed: Matt and Mary went to New Zealand and back to perfect the ongoing project they call “farm management,” had two beautiful babies, and spent countless late nights laboring in both the fields and the packing house.Chesley Farms

Chesley FarmsWhile change made them competitive in the current marketplace, a few things have always remained the same: Their commitment to grow the highest quality produce, desire to deliver that product directly to the end consumer, and their passion for customer interaction and education.  Many of their regulars have grown up with them, and they will be eternally grateful for the continued loyalty and support.  Some of their newer clientele are just getting to know them, and they look forward to many seasons of friendship ahead.

Mary, Matt, and their children Chesley and Eli will see you at CHCM this 2013 season.

Contact Information: Matt and Mary Harsh
Telephone: (301) 824-7047
Address: 13220 Edgemont Road, Smithsburg, MD 21783