Bonaparte Breads

Bonaparte BreadsBonaparte Breads specializes in traditional 17th Century French breads, desserts and pastries. Owner Pierre Lefilliatre has established a reputation for turning out high-quality baked goods at his two locations, one in the Historic Savage Mill Center, and aBonaparte Breadssecond cafe in Fells Point, MD. Lefilliatre’s baguettes are based on a old-style recipe that produces a thinner, crustier baguette and requires the use of Poolish, which doesn’t ferment as long as most starters. This means the acids found in most sourdough starters are nonexistent in his. All of Bonaparte Breads products sold at market are produced the night before. You can find them at the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace.

Contact Information: Nancy
Telephone: (410) 880-0858 (business) / (301) 9089413 (cell)
Address: 8600 Foundry Street, Savage, MD 20763