The Columbia Heights farmers market features a wide variety of the best local farmers, small food businesses, and prepared food vendors. They are at the core of what we do, and we’d love for you to get to know them!

Bonaparte Breads,

Bonaparte Breads

Bonaparte Breads specializes in traditional 17th Century French breads, desserts and pastries.

Chesley Vegetable Farms,

Chesley Vegetable Farms

Mary and Matt Harsh loaded a truck bound for their first farmers market in Northern Virginia 14 years ago and now embark on another season of farmers markets in the DC metro area.

Country Vittles from Critter Hill Farm

This family owned and operated farm raises beef cattle, chevon (goat meat), rabbits, hogs, and sometimes chicken and turkey.

El Sabor del Taco,

El Sabor del Taco

Owner Patricia Cruz makes marvelous Mexican food from locally grown and raised ingredients, some of which she gets from producers at CHCM.

Everblossom Farm,

Everblossom Farm

Certified Organic produce out of East Berlin, PA.

Island Queen Cuisine,

Island Queen Cuisine

Authentic Jamaican patties, jerk and curry chicken, and other Jamaican specialties.

Five Seeds Farm,

Five Seeds Farm

Denzel Mitchell and his family own and operate this small, multi-plot farm in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Five Seeds Farm sells its fruits, vegetables, honey, and eggs.

Fresh Crunch

After running a corporate catering service, Fresh Lunch, in the northern Virginia area for four years, Matt Bressan transitioned to a Fresh Crunch start by pickling cucumbers and a whole bunch of other vegetables from local growers.

Pleitez Produce,

Pleitez Produce

Astrid Pleitez and her family, which have more than 15 years of faming experience, grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs on 50 acres in the heart of Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Qualia Coffee,

Qualia Coffee

Our goal is to bring you a wide selection of carefully selected coffee from around the world and roasted for best flavor.

Seasonal Socca Farmstand Café

Seasonal Socca serves vegetable-focused cuisine at by gathering the freshest local produce of the season and turning it into creative café fare. Their signature dish, the Soccawich, is a novel, naturally gluten-free sandwich created by our chef, Kaitlin Forster. Soccawiches use the traditional Niçois street food, socca, a healthy, protein- and fiber-rich chickpea flatbread, as the base for a delicious assortment of seasonal sandwiches. Socca is also served alongside our fresh salads and savory soups and best enjoyed hot-off-the-griddle, the way it is served at the markets in Ni

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery,

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery

Penelope Sagawa and Jurgen Schelzig started Spring Gap Mountain Creamery on a 32-acre farm in Paw Paw, West Virginia in 2009.

Spriggs Delight Farm Goat Cheese,

Spriggs Delight Farm Goat Cheese

Spriggs Delight Farm is a small farm on the Maryland side of the Potomac River that takes great pride in making all natural goat cheeses.

Suga Mama Sweets,

Suga Mama Sweets

Suga Mama Sweets offers hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, sorbet, and candies. We aim to take classic flavor combinations and turn them into amazing treats.

Teeny Pies,

Teeny Pies

Fresh, seasonal, sweet and savory pies made with local ingredients.

Three Springs Fruit Farm

Located in the hills just north of Gettysburg, PA in Adams County’s “Apple Belt”, Three Springs Fruit Farm is now operating in its seventh generation of family farmers.

Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salumi,

Three Little Pigs Charcuterie and Salumi

Hand crafted charcuterie and salumi, made entirely from locally sourced whole animals.

Twin Post Farm,

Twin Post Farm

Twin Post Farm is located in Princess Anne, Maryland, and brings the most flavorful free range laying hens and ducks you’ve ever tasted.

Upper Crust Bakery,

Upper Crust Bakery

European Style bakery producing Artisan Breads and Pastries.