Spinach: delicious AND nutritious

Thanks to Amanda Terillo, R.D., for her delicious and cheerful cooking demonstration this past weekend. I don’t know who liked the strawberry spinach salad or the garlic sauteed leafy greens more — kids or grown-ups. I know I loved it.

I actually liked the simple salad so much I made a big batch for the middle schoolers I work with on Mondays as part of our snack, using Chesley Farm strawberries and greens from Five Seeds and Wisteria Garden. Here’s a link to the two delicious spinach recipes (and nutrition information) in case you missed Amanda at the market: Focus on Spinach – Amanda Terillo cooking demo, 12 May 2012. Don’t worry, we’re trying to lure her back for future cooking and nutrition sessions. Meanwhile, you can check out her write-up on cooking at CHCM’s opening day, as well as other tasty and interesting seasonal recipes on her blog.