Pre-Thanksgiving “Best of the Marketplace” raffle bag winners!

With more than 50 tickets entered into this past Saturday’s market raffle, a reasonable-sized crowd gathered for the noon drawing. Some had bought the $2 raffle tickets (and thus supported our programs), while others had gotten a free raffle entry when using their food assistance benefits. The four winners this weekend took home some combination of the following:

  • cabbage and apples from Chesley Farm
  • beets and acorn squash from Pleitez Produce
  • cookies from Goldilocks Goodies
  • sauces or hummus from Wisteria Gardens
  • eggs from Twin Post Farm
  • butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and onions from Dragonfly Farms
  • pickles from Fresh Crunch or spreads from Picnic Gourmet
  • sausages from Stachowski’s Deli
  • bread from Upper Crust Bakery
  • cheese from Sprigg’s Delight or yoghurt from Chapel’s Country Creamery
  • and, of course, one of our snazzy “No Farms, No Food” hat

Now, aren’t these some happy looking winners? Thank you to our local credit union for helping to sponsor the “Best of the Marketplace” bags, which have afforded some of our loyal market shoppers some real goodies this holiday season!