Get your granola here!

The CHCM is excited to welcome Sam Groh to our market this Saturday. You’ll be excited, too, as soon as you taste his delectable (and surprisingly healthy) wares.

It was during Sam’s weekly Sunday running club gatherings that the idea for GrohNola was born.  After running, the club would go to a local bakery and spoil their healthy morning by devouring piles of cupcakes and other sugary snacks. “I thought, ‘Why not indulge in a healthier treat?’ While I searched around for healthier snacks, none of them fit my criteria for being both delicious and good for you,” Sam mused. “That is when I decided to make my own homemade granola and bring it to the run club to share.  It was hit.” He couldn’t stop there. After months of development, Sam may have created the ideal granola.  It is low in sugar and high in protein, loaded with healthy nuts and seeds.

Sam has created four different flavors for this upcoming market: Original, Chocolate, Blueberry and Sour Cherry. Sure, you can pick up a bag of gift granola for that special someone in your life, but we suspect you’ll want to pick up a bag for yourself, too….